Red Bul Bar Luang Prabang, Laos

Fun and simmering, Red Bul Bar in the heart of Luang Prabang bar area has the potential to be the only bar you are going to want to visit throughout your entire stay in the city. Even if you wind up staying for months. It has all you could ever ask of a bar, excellent drinks, fun people and and great vibe.

Intimate but populus, Red Bul Bar doesn’t offer much physical room for a lot of people, however Reb Bul Bar always seem to host herds. The bar gets its popularity because of the wonderful owner of Red Bul Bar who makes the best lao lao mojitos ever. And because of the sweet staff. And because it’s such a popular place for expats that has many regulars stopping over almost every night. And, let’s not forget, because it is one of the few bars in Luang Prabang where many locals regularly attend so that the mix of visitors truly is very wide. Yep, Red Bul Bar has a lot to be proud of but maybe the reason you are going to end up loving it, is because it is a great venue for you to meet new people. And if you are lucky, you might run in to people that have been in Luang Prabang a while. They can give you inside information to the town!

There is plenty to do at Red Bul Bar: a huge, jam-packed pool table can occupy most of your night but if you come early, it’s a great place to practise your game before the town’s experts arrive later at night. A foosball table in the other corner of the bar has also been know to make people give out loud, unexpected shrieks, all in the name of the game. And, you wouldn’t believe until you see it happen, the tiny foot space turns into an excellent dance floor when the mood is right. People have been getting low here since the opening of Red Bul Bar and if you come on the right day, you might be so lucky to be able to do the same. It is tremendously fun!

Outside of Red Bul Bar, there is seating where you can be served delicious food or enjoy chatting to your newfound friends. The location of this gem of a bar makes it so that most partiers pass by Red Bul Bar, which makes it an excellent assembling point for activities in the bar district. But don’t blame the Bar if you end up staying here longer than you expected, you have been warned of it’s brilliance.

And yes, don’t ask about the name, it is supposed to be spelled with one L, Red bul: Like it, Love it, Live it!